Notes Story Board – new app for writers and creatives

There is a new version of our popular free app called Notes Story Board

Please visit the Notes Story Board site to check it out – it is free for personal use.

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Microsoft Office 365 Office 2013 app Notes With Links

nwl-plus-v10-NoTryThis is my new app for the new Office that allows apps to run on the right side of the Office window.

Get Notes With Links in the Microsoft Store now >

Links and edits on panel 1

Links and edits on panel 1

This is a complete notes and organising system for Office, based on Story Turbo but adding links from the Office document to the notes. There are many panels for separation of notes by editor or reviewer, or by topic etc.

It is for Word, Excel and also PowerPoint (with a few limits).

April 1 2014: The Office Store page is down for maintenance as the price is changing, this is not as simple as it sounds (this is not a joke btw!). I will email members when the new version is live.

Watch the video on the Notes With Links site >

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Non English language pages for Story Software

Story Turbo Freeware

Story Turbo Freeware

I just edited out the links to Story Lite and added Story Turbo Freeware / free (in local language such as Spanish, French, Russian etc). Not sure if these are correct as from a service. The original pages were properly translated.
Any feedback welcome.

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Improve your creativity and productivity now – Story Turbo v2.2 released, big upgrade

Our latest app is free for personal use – Notes Story Board


The new freeware Story Turbo v2 is out. This has a images, and lot of improvements over Story Lite.

Windows Story Turbo freeware writers notes software

Windows Story Turbo freeware writers notes software

Download Windows Story Turbo Freeware

Apple Mac Story Turbo Freeware Writers notes software

Apple Mac Story Turbo Freeware Writers notes software

Download Apple Mac Story Turbo Freeware

Word processor with side boxes

Story Turbo can be used as a word processor with side boxes (also known as callouts, sidebars, notes, stickies etc). These boxes can be dragged about all over the huge canvas, arranged to suit or match the main word processor box.

Notes & organiser and whiteboard or pinboard

It can also be used as an organiser or whiteboard, with full color control.

New features are:

  • Images and image controls like scale, rotate etc
  • Publish button to export the page (or all canvas area) to web, image, text, blog and social media sites
  • Grouping of boxes
  • Snap to grid
  • Transparent text box backs, for collage, montage, layering (with a Z height level control)
  • 2-400% zoom
  • Many other new features and new speedup shortcuts
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Story Turbo images and text layout with zoom released

Buy Story Turbo productivity app low price

NEWS: Story Turbo released

Story Turbo is the pro version of Story Lite, with IMAGES, 400% zoom, many other new features – and more to be added. We have a low introductory price so get on over to Story Turbo images and text productivity layout app for Windows and Apple Mac >

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Writing courses from Story Software, for fiction, movies, scripts, genres – how to write

Story Software, inventors of Story Lite, will be launching online writing courses using (if required) our new Story Live online software very soon – probably about 10th November. Courses can also be done offline as usual.

We have top international tutors and interesting topics for the courses – fiction, movies and film scriptwriting, plus extras on poetry, essays and presenations. Also included are a full set of Genre notes.

Plenty of exercises will keep you busy.

Tutors will be commenting on your exercises so you are not left alone.

There will be published anthologies of student work, if to a high enough standard.

Have a look at Story Software writing courses for fiction, movies and film scriptwriting, Genre and more >

The site is still being built but you can register for more information when it is live.

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Story Software European site for Notes Story Board

I have just put these manually edited pages up in some European languages and Russian.

Spanish – es – español

German – de – Deutsch

French – fr – française

Italian – it – italiano

Polish – pl – polski

Portugese – pt – português – Brazilian – brasileiro

Russian – ru – русский

To visit the main English language site for
Notes Story Board writing and editing productivity software click here >

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